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I also don’t get the impression that Batista will return unless the cards fall in his favor creatively. We will see what happens.

As much as I enjoyed Batista’s appearance on Talk is Jericho, he sure comes off to me as one who simply doesn’t understand today’s trends of wrestling fans. When you think about it, how does anyone understand it? Who wants to hear CM Punk chants in the arena during random match?

Filling up pages in a notebook with fantasy booking material. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the booking of the careers of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns through WrestleMania 32. It’s very fun!

I’ll get to the other two things I was challenged to within the next few days!

Finally came around to doing this after being tagged by my good friend, the-reaper-89.

Say 5 things about yourself:

1. My degree is in Education, with a lifetime goal of teaching History for a prolonged period of time in a high school. My ultimate goal in that field is to open up a chain of schools across the nation, becoming the “McDonalds of schools”. However, I’m dabbling into some other careers before then, one as a way to secure the necessary funds that I need, and to do things that I always wanted to do before I got serious about my career.

2. Football, apart from pro wrestling, is a favorite sport of mine. I can talk football as detailed as wrestling (okay, I lied..slightly less), despite never playing. I might lose followers for this next statement, but my favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots. Cue the “but you live in New York!”. I know.

3. When I was in middle school, I was highly involved in the world of E-Feds. I remember setting reminders on the fridge or when I finally got my phone about deadline to submit role-plays. I got unusually high grades in English throughout that period, for some reason.

4. Similar to when Robbie didn’t watch wrestling, from September 2000 through June 2001, I was banned from watching wrestling thanks to my mom, because I had given a teacher a “slight attitude” (never forgot those words) on the first day of school. I hadn’t caught up on what happened at that period until like late 2002, when my family got our first computer.

5. Today/yesterday, the 27th, I celebrated my one year anniversary with my wonderful woman!

So, the challenge is laid out to: lovemidnightime​, themrsdelgadogood33​, confirmed—bachelor​, and wrestling-is-fake. I’m calling ya’ll’s out!

GFW announces another partnership but not a TV deal. Can’t help but think they’d like to be a lot more ahead than they are now.

Episode 6: Get Called Up From NXT, Get Doomed


The show is back this week—I’ve been going through some heavy shit that forced me to miss last week, but we’re back to normal for now! Please give us a listen as we tackle the following:

-Why Paul Heyman is gold
-Should people care about Nikki vs Brie?
-Should Lesnar drop the title to Cena?
-Who was the most popular wrestler on Smackdown! from 2002-2006?
-Is William Regal a Hall of Famer?

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We’re also releasing a 2nd episode today, to make up for the lost one from last week!

Thanks all.

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This Raw was one of those episodes, for me, that just made me feel tired with 3 hours. 

justa-drop-intheocean and I were watching it together and we got the same damned impression.  In fact, we never got through Cena’s match and we’re both ready to pass out literally at the moment.

I certainly know that feeling. I was dozing off during the Kingston/Dallas match.

Just a boring show. Not sure how WWE expected to compete with the Emmy awards.