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Finally, Bo’s first loss enables him to actually become a villain, and not the cute heel that fans adore.

Nice to see multiple storylines blend into one, there. I also like the approach that Woods’ group is taking; slowly and methodically scouting the roster, finding it is what they want to take, and eventually taking it. Nice build it seems.

Rybaxel and the Miz? You couldn’t put together a team that I collectively care about less than those guys.

Love that segment. Love it. Jericho and Rollins will have a lovely match.

I can’t explain how badly I marked out for Chris Jericho here. This is awesome.

And, I like Cena winning with a top rope AA instead of Cesaro losing like the rest. Furthermore makes Cesaro look better than those that Cena usually beats.

Cena is known to be one of Cesaro’s biggest supporters backstage, so not surprising he put Cesaro over here. This is a case where Cesaro looks good regardless of him losing. Good match.



Just thought of this—now Cena knows what it feels like for a wrestler to cut a serious promo, only to have it be negated by hokey jokes. Well played, Cesaro.

I guess one can say that Cesaro neutralized Cena’s promo with a bit of irony, eh? Am I right? *nudgenudge* I’ll be here all week.

As an aside, having Big D over for RAW is making its way up the list to being one of my biggest regrets.