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Episode Two: The Fallout from Battleground


And, for your listening pleasure. Thanks for making it this far (if you’ve begun/continued to listen)! We review Battleground, talk about the controversy behind Lana/Rusev and more!

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Paul Heyman has a wonderful gift of making his clients look remarkably good. Brock always looks stronger because of Paul. Definitely one of the greatest minds the business has ever seen.

I never cease to get excited whenever Brock Lesnar shows up. Such a dominating and impressive presence.

Two former CZW guys beating the crap out of each other on a large platform. Nothing better than this.

There’s no way Cesaro is a bad pickup for the Authority. It’s always good to have someone so impressively strong and skilled on your side.

So excited for this new group. Called for this group two months ago, glad to see it coming.



I see that CM Punk and The Miz have switched roles for the night. One’s on the red carpet (Punk), the other’s wrestling (Miz). Wish it was the other way around.

Well it’s not, so too bad. The Miz is the star right now. Punk doesn’t want to wrestle, so deal with it

You’re a cute one, aren’t you?